I Can See My Church From Here!

2:48 pm PHT

In a reference to the oft-mentioned phrase, “I can see my house from here!” I’d like to show you the Google Maps Satellite view of the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Philamlife Village, where my family goes to mass every Sunday. (See also my earlier post on Google Maps Satellite view).

Google recently added hi-resolution satellite/aerial images of many places around the world, not anymore just Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, they only have very few areas of the Philippines in high-resolution, namely, the vicinity of Clark Air Base in Pampanga, parts of Bulacan, and northern Cavite. The rest of the country only have what I estimate is 30 meter/pixel resolution, not the 2 feet/pixel images in the areas above.

For additional coolness factor, here’s the aerial image of the hotel we stayed at in Clark during my company’s sportsfest.. To the west and a bit to the south is the Casino Filipino where I lost the 300 pesos.  :P

The hi-res imagery got the easternmost portions of Las Piñas and as you can see from my first link, it barely got the Fatima Parish. I wonder if Jerome can see his house from here since he lives in Philamlife Village?  :)

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