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That’s me with my son. Godson that is. His name is Lex and he lives with his mom over in Tarlac. Last Sunday was the first time I got to visit him. I went along with some of my other fellow ninongs and ninangs from our barkada. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to his Baptism last year since my parents wouldn’t let me go to Tarlac (but they surprisingly let me go without comment this time). Lex just turned one last June and so we decided to visit him once most of us had a free weekend.

What a precocious little kid. At first, he eyed each one of us warily, but eventually he warmed up and played with all of us in the living room. We gave him a cool toy car that zooms off when you push down on the backseat. It also gives off various sound effects when you press the buttons on one side.

Ang cute niya! He would smile a lot and his mom regaled us with funny anecdotes about him. Like the time when he would admonish the other kids in the church for eating candy, imitating the priest. He shut up when he himself was given some candy. He can already stand but can’t walk yet.

He’s lucky to have us as ninongs and ninangs, because his dad is an asshole. See, he’s born out of wedlock and the dad won’t own up to his responsibility, not that the mom really needs his support, just his acknowledgement. We’ve heard lately that the dad admitted that something happened and his long-time girlfriend is now demanding to know if he indeed has a child for she won’t marry him if that is the case.

Anyway, mom and Lex are happily living in Tarlac with doting grandparents, an aunt and uncles to look after him. And us ninongs and ninangs to pray over him.

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