Endless Sky

11:14 am PHT

O falcon flying high on endless sky
do tell me ’bout the tale behind thy cry
the joy of soaring through the clouds so white
the careless flight on winds unseen from sight

O falcon winging far beneath the sun
do tell me ’bout the days and years agone
of mindless youthful moments while adrift
and beauty, madness, joy that faded swift

O falcon diving down the prey so small
do tell me how to fly as high and tall
as mountain peaks so far from earth below
to ease the pain of years from long ago

O falcon soaring through the space so free
do tell me how to be as strong as thee
and teach me how to ease the loneliness
as thou hast done in sky so vast… and endless

That poem is my first attempt in creating a serious poem for non-academic purposes (i.e., not required in school). Impressions to the poem range from it seemingly coming from a fantasy novel to it being an ode to Adamson University.

If you’re observant, you’d notice that the poem almost rhymes perfectly. Most modernist poems tend not to rhyme anymore. And if you’re much more observant, you’d also notice that the whole poem is set in an almost perfect iambic pentameter. The intentional imperfection is the addition of an extra syllable at the very end to add a bit of pompous stress.

The inspiration for writing rhyming iambic pentameters came from reading the very good quatrains in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. The inspiration for writing a poem in the first place was because I was secretly envious of people who can seemingly without effort write good poetry. Heh.

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