Who Wants Paintball Tickets?

6:19 am PHT

One of my favorite FM stations, Jam 88.3, regularly runs trivia contests where they ask listeners for the answer to trivia questions. Winning answers that come via their textline are awarded goodies like paintball tickets, gift certificates to DermStress, and movie passes to Ayala Cinemas.

Last Friday, as I was on a tourist bus, DJ Lana (I think) gave the trivia question for that morning: “Where do statistics say do most serious accidents and injuries occur?” Fortunately for me, I’ve read this particular bit of trivia in one Reader’s Digest article several years ago. I immediately texted the answer, “home,” even though I didn’t particularly like the prize up for grabs: the paintball tickets. I won the tickets, and this marks the first time I joined and won a radio contest. Hooray!

Next time, I’ll try to grab those Ayala movie passes.

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