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2:51 am PHT

You know the feeling that you’re talking about a million things and then you realize that nobody’s listening? Sometimes I feel like that when writing on this blog. Oh I know people read this blog, but it’s kinda maddening not to hear any reactions, comments, feedback, and unsolicited love advice.

Then again, people are just lazy. They can’t be bothered to open their e-mail accounts and give me a piece of their mind. They won’t even text me messages on my cellphone because SMS is not a good medium for blog feedback. ("Only 160 characters? Never mind.”)

So, I’ve decided to start the feedback rolling by installing a very simple comment mechanism. Lookey over to the bottom and you’ll see a spanking new comment form (only visible on the post’s page, not on the home page). Now there’s no excuse not to tell me what’s on your mind. All you need to do is to type away and submit! This is even easier than deciding what to give me for Christmas! (Wink, wink!)

A single caveat: this commenting system is not like your regular blog-style comments where submitted feedback is displayed in the blog. All your comments will, for now, be read only by me. This will be the system in place while I’m still developing the full commenting system (that includes trackbacks, pingbacks and other blogging geekery).

Please, give me a holler right now!  :)

Update: I’ve updated the commenting system. Hooray!

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