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No, this number isn’t about the hit TV series shown in the Philippines through AXN and with the dubbed version by ABS-CBN. This is, as many of you will guess, is my age for two days now. I celebrated my birthday last Friday by watching The Stepford Wives with some friends in Greenbelt 3 and hanging out at Café Breton after. And today, I celebrated it with my family by eating out for lunch at Kitaro in Starmall Las Piñas.

The funny thing about birthdays is that I don’t feel any different and I don’t think that there’s anything special, really. Some people get depressed when their birthdays come up. For me it’s not that big a deal. Then again, I get a bit peeved when some people fail to greet me through text or e-mail. Usually, I simply understand that not everyone gets to remember everyone’s birthdays and that I, too, fail to greet other people on their birthdays. Probably the most childish, peevish thing I did was when I got silently upset last year when the people in the UP EEE Batch ’98 YahooGroup did not greet me on my birthday. This after a series of happy birthday greetings to Vicky, Franz, Jem, and Dan who had their birthdays within one week before mine. This year I expected Christian to be the one to greet me—I have a sneaking suspicion that he has a record of the birthdays of most of our batchmates. Sure enough, he was the first to greet me in the YahooGroup, albeit a belated greeting. He also noticed my melodramatic reply of thanks. 24 and still childish.  :)

I’ll end this with an amusing birthday horoscope I read in The Philippine star:

Your fine character attracts much abundance in every area this year. Getting in touch with old friends, employers and clients will bring career luck. Finances get a boost with the sale of your work in December. Major success in the love department begins with bold moves in the new year. Lucky love signs are Aquarius and Taurus. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 20, 16, 27 and 43.

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