Zuzuni Hotel and Restaurant, Boracay

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 Photo of the candlelit ambiance of Zuzuni in Boracay (photo concept by Abe Olandres)

During the second night of our trip to Boracay, we were treated to a full-course dinner by Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. Zuzuni is a Greek cuisine restaurant and the name is a term of endearment in the Greek language (it actually means “little insect”). The resto and hotel is owned by Filipino-Greek Geni Psinakis, and Greek-American Nick Gitsis, who is also a director of Seair, our flight sponsor.

Located at Boat Station 1 of Boracay’s White Beach, Zuzuni is quite a chic restaurant with a nice romantic appeal provided by candlelit tables. Aside from the dinner, we were also given a tour of the rooms and suites of the hotel above the restaurant. The accommodations are really nice, though very pricey (something like 4,500 pesos per night for the guest rooms and 7,500 for the beach-facing suites).

As for the food, most of them were quite interesting and tasty. Only one of them missed the mark. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the prices of these dishes so I couldn’t tell you how much these dishes would burn a hole in your pocket if ever you get to try them out. (But try them out if you do have the chance, because most of the dishes are ok.)

  • Pita bread with Tzatzik. The first of our two appetizers is the pita break and the Tzatzik dip, which is made of yogurt, cucumber and garlic. My seatmate Norsan so loved the dip that she ended up spreading it on almost all of her dishes and asking Aileen, Zuzuni’s manager, if she can buy a jar of it to take home.

  • Horiatiki salad. A nice vegetable salad is the other half of our appetizer. If you like salads, then this would be nice to try, among their other salads.

  • Moussaka. Our next course was this lasagna-looking dish made of eggplant and ground beef. Now, I don’t really eat eggplant but this one was delicious!  :)

  • Chicken Souvlaki. The Souvlaki is skewered chicken. I love chicken so I ended up eating two sticks of these. Hehehe.

  • Shrimp Saganaki. Next up was the shrimp pasta. I’m also a sucker for pasta so this creamy seafood fettuccine dish went down well.

  • Z Burger and fries. Burger and fries? I thought this was a Greek restaurant? The burger was definitely the dish I least liked. The beef patty was too dry and not juicy at all. At least the fries were quite crunchy and had the right amount of salt.

  • California Citrus Shake. I ordered the California Citrus shake out of curiosity. It is a banana-orange shake with a hint of strawberry, and I love it! You can actually still individually taste each of the component fruits.

  • Mati Chocolate Sin. For dessert, we had the famous Mati Chocolate Sin, a nice melted chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream. All the women went gaga over it and fought over the second servings! Me, I thought it was tasty but not something to commit sin over. Maybe I just don’t appreciate well-prepared chocolate.  :)

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