Vista Pinas is Ratified within the Top 100

12:00 am PHT

Andrew finally updated yesterday the PageRank data of the blogs in after the PageRank kerfuffle three weeks ago. Go check it out!

I was interested to see how my second blog, Vista Pinas, fared after gaining a PR4 level from PR0 and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it jumped about 250 places from the low 340s to #92 yesterday (it’s #93 today). I was only hoping that it would go to the 100–200 level so the actual gain was much better than I expected.

Well, this means that I now have two blogs in the Top 100 (vaes9 is now at #25), making me one of a handful of people to have more than one single-author blog in the Top 100! Yay!  :D The rest of those handful are Jayvee Fernandez with Cellphone9 (#13) and A Bugged Life (#21); Rhiza Sanchez with Guitarchic Dot Net (#34) and PinkSEO (#44); Shai Coggins with Shai Coggins (#41) and Make Money Online (#90); Sasha Manuel with Tops 2 Bottoms (#54), The Parody (#67), and Style Manila (#71); and Janette Toral with the Digital Filipino Blog (#61) and Philippine Internet Review (#88). (Hmmm, lots of b5media people in that handful, hehehe.)

My next goal: match Sasha and have three blogs in the Top 100. *wink*

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