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I’ve seen this particular questionnaire pass through the blogs of some U.P. people, especially since this year is the U.P. Centennial, so it’s only a matter of time before I’d get to answer this nostalgic set of questions. This time, the transformed meme tagged me via Juned.

1. Student number? 98–03699.

2. College? College of Engineering, da best!

3. Course? B.S. Computer Engineering.

4. Did you shift or get kicked out? Nope.

5. Where’d you take the UPCAT? Bocobo Hall (behind Malcolm Hall). And I got sick after because of the air conditioning.

6. Favorite GE subject? Soc Sci 2 (Political and Social Sciences) (I had fun in this class, especially the late nights making the Communist Manifesto report, which I still have on my computer) and Hum I (English Literature) (our gay teacher gave us eye-opening reads).

7. Favorite PE? PE2 TBW (Ten-pin bowling) at SM North EDSA. I got it on the first semester it was offered!

8. Where’d you do guy/girl watching? (This is apparently the original question, not the Babaylan-mutated version. Hehehe.) Nowhere. I’m often in front of my computer, the geek that I am.

9. Favorite professor(s)? Prof. Artemio Magabo, EEE 43 (he teaches this very tough subject very clearly). Dr. Grace Gorospe Jamon, Soc Sci II (she made the subject really fun).

10. Most hated GE courses? Nothing beats STS (Science, Technology and Society). This course is such a monumental waste of time!

11. Did you take Wednesday or Saturday courses? Of course.

12. Did you go on field trips? I didn’t join the Banahaw trip for PI 100 (Rizal Studies) and EEE 190 is of course a subject mostly about field trips: I got to go to Trend Micro’s offices in Libis as well as another company that I forget.

13. Did you ever become College Scholar or University Scholar? Yes, in 10 out of 11 semesters.  :D I had to, if I were to maintain my Oblation Scholarship. Hehehe.

14. What were your organisations/fraternities/sororities? U.P. Circuit (was Chairperson), U.P. Engineering Student Council (was EEE Representative), U.P. Inhinyero (was Layouts Committee Head), and U.P. Prime (my Eng’g political party).

15. Where do you hang out? U.P. Circuit’s tambayan back in Yia Hall, and since third year, at the Computer Networks Laboratory of the DEEE building (I often slept there overnight in fifth year).

16. Dorm, boarding house, or staying at home? Two rented apartment units in Katipunan from first to fourth year, boarding house in U.P. Village in fifth year, and at home in sixth year.

17. If there was no UPCAT and you were free to choose your course, what would it be (given your mental state during high school)? Still the same, I got my first choice of course anyway and I knew that I’d be computer-involved back in high school.

18. Who was the first student you met in UP? Eda Brojan, my blockmate.

19. First play that you saw in UP? I can’t remember. I think it was the modern-day adaptation of Job’s tale at the Wilfredo Ma. Guerrero Theater in Palma Hall. I think this was required for Comm I (English Writing).

20. What were the 5 most coño orgs. JPIA, JFA, Ecosoc, JMA, and ABAM (all BA or Eco orgs).

21. What were the coolest organisations/fraternities/sororities? Kebs.

22. Was there a fraternity/sorority that recruited you? I got a really nice printed invitation from Upsilon Sigma Phi, which was extremely flattering, but I decided to turn down the offer.

23. Where’d you have lunch usually? Elvie’s Kitchen, a.k.a. Lutong Kapitbahay because it was right across the popular Lutong Bahay.

24. Were you happy in UP? My U.P. years were some of the best years of my life. I miss it actually.

25. Were you ever part of a rally? Only EDSA II, though that was not U.P.-initiated.

26. How many times did you vote during the student council elections? Twice at the Eng’g elections and once in the USC.

27. Name at least 5 leftist groups in UP. LFS, GABRIELLA Youth, SAMASA, and SANLAKAS Youth are the only ones I can remember.

28. Did you ever wish for laude status when you were a freshman? Yep, and I did graduate with cum laude honors.

29. Who did you have the hots for? Too many to mention. Hehehe.

30. If you failed the UPCAT what was Plan B? Call me boastful, but I never imagined not passing the UPCAT. But anyway, I’d have gone to De La Salle if I didn’t go to U.P.

I’m tagging the following people, even if you don’t all blog: Jor-El, Joyce, Imman, Ramil, Drei, Benj, and my sister Joy (since she does nothing lately but answer memes in her Multiply blog).

As an interesting aside, here are the current results of my abandoned, yet still ongoing, poll question at “Which of the following have you already done [in U.P. Diliman]?”:

  • 80% - Join a student organization

  • 70% - Attend an ACLE class

  • 68% - Be inside the UP Fair grounds

  • 64% - Dine at Mang Jimmy’s

  • 63% - Watch the Oblation Run

  • 62% - Buy and wear a UP shirt from the Maroons shop

  • 52% - Watch a UAAP UP Maroons basketball game live

  • 47% - Get a ”singko” in a subject

  • 40% - Stay overnight in UP (own dorms and boarding houses not included)

  • 40% - Participate in (not just watch) the Lantern Parade

  • 40% - Cut a class to see a movie at SM North

  • 37% - Attend a UP street rally

  • 24% - Participate in or watch the Live A.I.D.S, Elvis concert, or Maskipaps

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