To the Lady in Yellow

11:39 pm PHT

Over the past two days, I have read plenty of moving, eloquent, and honorable pieces giving tribute to our former president. I wanted to write one equally as beautiful but then I realized, why should I agonize wanting to create my perfect essay to President Aquino? She was a simple lady and a simple tribute would do quite as well.

While I was a Martial Law baby, having been born a year before Marcos lifted Martial Law, I barely remembered living under his regime. I remember a bit more about the People Power Revolution period, but all I recall were lots of yellow and listening to beautiful renditions of “Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo” and other patriotic songs. I had vague recollections of Cory’s presidency and not even remembering much about the several coups that rocked her tenure. I was living my childhood in blissful ignorance that Cory and millions of other Filipinos fought for freedom and democracy, precisely so that I could have a blissful childhood.

President Aquino was far from being the best Filipino president. Her presidency was pretty mediocre by many standards. But one thing she undoubtedly possessed as she dispensed with her duties was honesty and integrity, a couple of things that some of her predecessors found wanting.

I believe that there is no better way to honor her legacy than to continue being a good citizen of this country and to work toward its betterment. More than attending her funeral or tying yellow ribbons everywhere, I sincerely believe that Cory would have wanted each and every one of us to be better Filipinos. I love the Philippines and I am proud of this country.

Maraming Salamat Tita Cory at Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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