Three Years of vaes9

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I expected that my recently launched Lakbayan application would become viral and really popular but I was still overwhelmed by the response. I almost did nothing with my free time except to tweak the application and manage the popularity.

And so it’s only now that I get to announce that I have been blogging on vaes9 for three years now. Yes, I published my first post on June 13, 2004 and like this post, I blogged about my first and second years belatedly. Hehehe. I have actually been creating websites since 1997 and my first website is still online on GeoCities. I’ve been on the Internet earlier than the vast majority of Filipinos, but I jumped on the blogging scene quite late.

This past year has seen a significant milestone in my blogging life: it’s the year when I started attending blogger events and networking with other bloggers. There was the BlogCon last September and the Blog Parteeh in January. I was also able to attend the 1st Philippine Blog Awards Night and the iBlog3 in March and April. And last month, I joined the Bayanihan Blog Network with my secondary blog Vista Pinas (formerly Tanawing Pinoy).

I can definitely say that this is the best and most exciting blogging year for me so far and I owe it all to the nice and wonderful bloggers that I was able to meet and interact with. Greetings go out to: Abe, Ade, Aileen, AJ, Apples, Arbet, Benj, Chris, Ederic, Gail, Ganns, Geri, Janette, Jayvee, Jeff, Joey, Jomar, Jonas, Joni, Jun, Juned, Karla, Kiven, Lauren, Liz, Mae, Marcelle, Marc M., Marc V., Markku, Migs, Mimi and Karl, Noemi, Pierre, Regnard, Rico, Sasha, Shari, Sorsi, and Tina. Hope I forgot no one.  :)

And, sweet! Because of the success of Lakbayan, my rank is currently #63 and rising. What a nice way to celebrate three years of vaes9.  :D

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