Tanawín ang Pilipinas

3:32 pm PHT

Update (May 12, 2007): Tanawing Pinoy has been rebranded as Vista Pinas.

I’m proud to introduce to you Tanawing Pinoy, my weblog dedicated to highlighting Pinoy sights from Google Local. Well-versed web surfers will recognize that this blog is really just a localized Pinoy version of the popular Google Sightseeing blog.

Head on over to TP’s first post to learn more about the project. While it looks sorta finished, the blog is technically still in the ever-popular Beta mode. Expect to see some more features and pages on that blog in the coming weeks.

Anyway, Tanawing Pinoy marks the official start of my official web properties expansion program. Some ideas for future sites can be found in an earlier post. Other plans are still under wraps. Eventually, I’d be able to build up a web empire to rival that of Gawker Media. (I wish.  =D)

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