Raishuu Watashi wa Nihon e Ikimasu 2

12:23 am PHT

Well, what do you know. I’m going to Japan again. That’s the second time this year. I’m staying there for 4 weeks as well, same as last time. I’m actually looking forward to this trip, though I’m kinda put off by the cold temperature that’ll greet me (5 to 15 °C—colder than your normal aircon!) and that’s not even the coldest it can get in Tokyo. I’m just glad my trip’s not in the middle of January.

I won’t get the Bonifacio Holiday, but there’s Labour Thanksgiving Day on the 23rd next week to make up for that.  =) Hehehe. Anyway, I won’t be staying in Kawasaki City proper like last time. This time I’ll be in Shin-Maruko on the Tokyu-Toyoko/Tokyu-Meguro lines. This is a helluva lot closer to the office than Kawasaki—less time to spend in the cold air! I’m also giddy since the housing franchise our mother company’s been contracting for our accommodations has recently started to install broadband internet in their buildings. I definitely won’t be bored during the long and cold winter nights.  =D

Anyway, I’ll most probably go and buy the new 8GB iPod nano there. I’m sure it’ll be a lot cheaper in Akihabara—maybe about 12,000 pesos—than the P15.5K price tag here. (If I do buy, I’ll be selling my current 4GB nano when I get back—any takers?)

I’m also tempted to get the new Canon IXY Digital 900 IS (also known as the Digital IXUS 850 IS in Europe and Southeast Asia, and as the PowerShot SD800 IS Digital ELPH in America). It’s got the new DIGIC III chip (it’s a lot better than DIGIC II, trust me  :D), 28mm wide angle lens, 7.1 megapixels, face detection (it works!), better noise reduction, and ISO 1600. But I still like my 800 IS, so I’ll probably stick with that for quite a while.

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