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Last October 10, I and bunch of bloggers met Gen Kanai, who is Mozilla Foundation’s Director of Asia Business Development. Gen was in town to attend the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards after being in the country last September for WordCamp Philippines 2009. Over dinner at Cafe Juanita (which, by the way, has great food in a really quirky ambiance), Gen talked with the bloggers regarding our thoughts and ideas on how to make Mozilla’s products more useful and relevant in the Philippines.

The country caught the attention of Mozilla since it was one of the top five countries in the world in terms of adoption of Mozilla Firefox since last year and Mozilla wants to sustain that growth. Well, I can somewhat confirm the widespread adoption because the two Internet cafes that I go to near the office now sport Firefox as their default browsers. (This is interesting because one of those cafes used to have Internet Explorer as the default and I surreptitiously downloaded and ran Firefox there each time just so that I could have a comfortable browsing experience.  ;-))

Anyway, Gen started the Mozilla Philippines Community mailing list so that Filipinos can talk about Mozilla and their products. If you’re a fan or a user of Mozilla software, then you should go join the list.  :-) (Regnard Raquedan has also blogged about this list.)

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On 4:31 p.m., 20 Oct 2009, Reganard Raquedan wrote:

Thanks for the mention Eugene!

I’d like to invite Mozilla enthusiasts in the Philippines to join the mailing list.  :D


On 5:45 p.m., 21 Oct 2009, seav wrote:

@Regnard, you’re welcome!

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