Whoa! My Blog was Mentioned on TV!

1:34 pm PHT

I really don’t watch local TV much anymore so I didn’t know that my blog entry on Erap the other day was mentioned in some news show last night. I had to learn about it from my officemate who, due to her surprise at hearing my name on TV (she was actually just listening, not watching), couldn’t remember what show or what channel it was. Hehehe.

She told me that the show was featuring various bloggers’ reactions regarding Erap’s plea for pardon and I guess my “conspiracy theory,” which is actually a parody of the mainstream reactions from the Glorietta 2 explosion, was sufficiently weird to be included in the segment.

If anyone has more information (or maybe a clip on YouTube [fat chance, I know]) about this blogger news, I’d appreciate it. Of course it’s too much to hope that they had shown my blog’s URL so that I can get more readers and subscribers. Hehehe.  :D

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