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I was reading somebody’s journal a while ago and noticed the stark contrast between that person’s blog and mine. That person’s blog is quite personal (though not quite) while I blog about a lot of impersonal things. Oh, I’ve read a lot of really personal blogs (like some of the ones on my Biblography list), but I just noticed the stark contrast because this person is someone I know in a professional manner. I’ll definitely never look at that person again in the same way.

It’s not a negative thing; it actually made me appreciate the depth of that person more since I find that person an intriguing character. I admitted to that person that I’ve read his or her blog and he or she didn’t mind. That person also asked for my blog’s URL so that he or she can also peruse it.

I feel I’m cheating that person somewhat since I now know more about that person than he or she might not like people like me to know. And I can’t show more of myself through this blog (as a form of equity) since I imposed on myself that I won’t publicly blog about quite a large part of my life.

A friend of mine once complained that he doesn’t like my blog’s format, that he prefers reading diary-like entries, and not reviews of movies, ravings about music, and general inconsequential trivia.

Sorry, I don’t operate that way. I’m not transparent. I deliberately chose not to blog about highly personal things. I may blog about what I did or felt in several occasions (see the Personal category), but I don’t do that as a matter of course.

A kabarkada of mine once said that she knew there’s something more about me than meets the eye. How very true.

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