Geeky Science Tattoos Anyone?

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Update: Somebody actually got my tattoo!

Found via Kottke is this absolutely geeky blog showing off science- and math-related tattoos from scientists, mathematicians, programmers, and other academics. I find it to be a wonderful blend of the rebellious and the geek.

 Abstract henna tattoo.

To tell you the truth, I have not entertained the idea of getting a permanent tattoo. The only tattoo I ever got (that does not include those kiddie free transfer tattoos from junk food packets) was the henna tattoo pictured over to the right. I got it when I went to Puerto Galera in 2006. But seeing all these geeky tattoos made me think twice now about getting a permanent one.

 Stylized phi tattoo.

I actually like the Euler’s identity tattoo because I agree that it’s one of the most beautiful mathematical equations for it expresses nine basic mathematical concepts exactly once in the equation: 1, 0, π, e, i, addition, multiplication, exponentiation, and equality. But if ever I would get a permanent tattoo, I’d probably get the design pictured to the left. This is a stylized representation of the Greek letter phi, which stands for the golden ratio, my favorite number. Interestingly, the tattoo blog shows three people having golden-ratio-inspired tattoos which indicates that lots of other people like it as well: golden spiral shell, capital phi, and golden spiral. Anyway, if you rotate that logo of mine 90° counterclockwise, you’d see the letter ‘e’ which stands for my name. Cool, huh?  :D

How about you? If ever you would get a science- or math-related tattoo, what would it be and why?

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