The Form Function & Class Mini-Conference

5:41 pm PHT

 Photo of the Form Function and Class logo.

Thanks to a videoconference I had to attend at work, I arrived at the G2VC Tech Bar just in time to hear Marco Palinar speak about Building Successful User Interfaces, the last presentation at the Form Function & Class Mini-Conference, which was held last October 30. I think it’s OK that I missed the first five presentations, since the slides for all of them can be downloaded and, except for the RP laws on Web accessibility, I’m quite familiar with the topics discussed since I try to keep up with the latest in Web design.

The six presentations were the following:

My attendance to the mini-conference was mostly for moral support. Hehehe. But I did get to take home some leftover pizza. (Apparently, despite there being about 50 people in attendance, not everyone was hungry.  :-P) My minuscule contribution to the effort was to suggest “Sapotsari” as the name of the main conference (to be tentatively held in April of next year). That was initially accepted but the other organizers decided to go with the more refined Form Function & Class, which I like due to its numerous meanings. (Sapotsari is cute, but I suggested it for fun.) And the logo kicks ass as well.

It’s a good thing something like this is being formed by web design practitioners. While there is the Philweavers community, there’s not too much organization and activity offline. Much kudos go to Ia and Mae, the two gals most responsible for this, and to the rest of the pioneers: Marie, JP, Helga, Aja, Regnard, Sarah, and Kaffee.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next mini-conference. Who knows, I might be the one to present a thing or two.  :-P

Picture above shamelessly stolen from Ia.

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