First Post on Earthquake!

7:08 pm PHT

Ok, so the earth shook just a little more than a minute ago. Am I the first Filipino to blog about it?  =) (Was sitting in front of the computer when it happened.) See also this previous post.

Update, 1 March 2006. Hmmm… It seems two or three bloggers beat me to it according to Technorati. Most likely they were closer to the epicenter.  =/ I’ll update this post when Phivolcs has a report on it.

Update, 2 March 2006. It was a mild earthquake (magnitude 4.7) according to Phivolcs. It measured somewhere between intensity 2 and 3 from where I was and lasted less than 30 seconds. (Learn more about the Mercalli Scale.) Finally, look at this really cool intensity map.  =)

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