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Just a quickie post. I suddenly realized something about the word “dreamweaver” that I never saw before. I encountered the word through two very different ways and only realized just now that they were the same word.

I first saw the word as name of the website development software of Macromedia, their very own counterpart to Microsoft FrontPage. Among web developers, Dreamweaver is the the best of the bunch, like the way Adobe Photoshop is the best software for raster image manipulation. (Joke: There’s a pirated version of Adobe Photoshop named “Adobo Putoshop”. Hehehe.) I’ve never used Dreamweaver and am a hard-core text-editor developer. This whole blog was developed by me without any help from any commercial web development product.

I saw the word again as the title of a club song sung by Erin Hamilton, although the song is really named “Dream Weaver”, that is, with two words. Erin’s song is a cover of Gary Wright’s classic 80’s hit. Among the two, I of course like Erin’s version better. It’s more upbeat and more enjoyable.

I actually confused the song with the name of the movie Dreamcatcher that I saw two years ago. It’s somewhat confusing since the dreamcatcher is a loosely woven device (woven—weave, get it?) used to catch, er, dreams (you can actually buy nice dreamcatchers in Baguio). The movie itself was pretty mediocre. The CG was not very notable, and the story was not really that good. And as a horror/thriller, I wasn’t really horrified nor thrilled when I saw it.

The only consolation I had was that the special feature preview of the movie in the theaters was The Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris. Now that short film rocked!

I suddenly connected my two encounters of “dreamweaver” when I was commenting on Reige’s post. I mentioned Macromedia Dreamweaver then did a double take because I wasn’t sure that was the software’s title because I really only know it now as the title of two related songs. I didn’t trust my long-term memory and had to do a Google search to confirm. Heh.

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