6 Years of vaes9

5:24 pm PHT

Since vaes9 is my first official blog, I’ve now been blogging for 6 years already having written my very first official blog post 6 years ago today. I am still continuing to churn out blog posts (like yesterday’s feature article on the Pamintuan Mansion at Vista Pinas). While my blogging volume here at vaes9 has significantly decreased these past several months, I will still continue to blog things about my personal life as well as on tech and mapping topics. I actually have quite a lot of things to write about except that finding the time is extremely difficult!  :-/

Anyway, last year’s fifth anniversary blog post is still very much relevant so you should read it if you haven’t done so yet. That blog post is a memoir of sorts and I hope to post a follow-up four years hence on this blog’s tenth anniversary. Yes, I think I’ll still be blogging by then. I find it satisfying to chronicle the significant things in my life so that I can look back at them in my old age with fondness. Hehehe.

However, I have to say that blogging is definitely not my “main” hobby anymore (at least for the moment). I’ve branched out into various other things, both online and off. These include web development, mapping, and promotion of open content, and I’m now heavily involved with two non-profit organizations, one of which I’ve already blogged about. I’m a very busy man (aren’t we all?) and it’s a great feeling especially when you accomplish things that matter to you, right?

So here’s to more years of vaes9! And thank you for reading.  :-D

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