36th MMFF: RPG Metanoia

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Before the recent filmfest, the last time I watched any Metro Manila Film Festival entry was two years ago when I saw Baler, Dayo, and Tanging Ina 2. I deliberately did not see any film during the 35th edition because none of the entries moved me enough to haul my ass to the local cinema. So it was with some anticipation that I watched RPG Metanoia (IMDB) together with my siblings early last week.

What can I say? Well, it’s a really exceptional movie that every Filipino should be proud of, and I am not just saying that because my two sisters are friends with one of the main people in the film’s animation team and also provided voices for some of the bit roles in the movie. Considering the fact that the movie was produced at a small fraction of the cost and man-hours of any Pixar feature, then you just have to look past the flaws and appreciate Filipino filmmaking at its finest.

It’s not really the 3D CGI that makes RPG Metanoia a truly wonderful film (though the animation is by no means a slouch)—it’s classic storytelling. The movie manages to weave an intricate world both online and real-life and fill it with well-rounded characters that you can root for as well as having a plot that’s not stupid at all (Father Jejemon, anyone?). And the attention to detail! From the 3D-rendered bangus to the Metanoia login sequence, you can easily tell that the people behind the movie has put their heart and soul into this project.

I find it a bit sad that RPG Metanoia has only won the 3rd Best Picture award and much sadder that it is trailing in the box office tallies. My good friend said it best: “People keep complaining about the stagnation of Philippine cinema but they fail to support films that break the tiresome mold.” This is such a shame since the movie has received broad acclaim based on the reviews and comments on Plurk, Twitter, and blogs that I have seen.

So, if you haven’t seen this cinematic gem, please, do yourself a favor. Go watch it and help make a strong statement that you don’t want anymore crap from the local film industry. RPG Metanoia is a film deserving of your support.

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