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Back in June of last year, I wondered if was the first plurker based in the Philippines. Well, the answer to that question was answered for me by the researchers of Qtube, this new magazine TV show on QTV 11 focusing on Pinoys on the Internet. They had their pilot episode last March 12 and their sophomore episode last March 19 had Plurk as one of their segment topics. As it turns out, the first Pinoy plurker is a guy named Kerwin Rosete with Plurk username kimforlai. He registered way back in April 4, 2008, which means that he got the account during the private beta phase since Plurk was launched in mid-May 2008.

It also turns out that I am apparently the second Pinoy plurker and I found that out when Qtube also did an interview with me. They contacted me on March 4 and requested for an interview on March 5, a Thursday. It was just plain lucky that I had filed for a leave from work on March 5 so the interview was on. The QTV crew went to my house and they had Andrew Smith—one of the show’s hosts (he’s a Filipino-Australian model) together with Andi Manzano of Magic 89.9—talk to me about Plurk.

This was the first time I ever got interviewed for a real TV show. (I got interviewed for because I won an award in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards, but that’s not a real TV show so it does not count.  :-P) I found the whole taping and stuff quite surreal. They filmed me talking to Andrew about Plurk and “teaching” him how Plurk works. The crew also had me pretend to do stuff around my house for their “profile shots” during my introduction in the show.  :-)

Of course I plurked about the whole thing:

And you can view the whole Plurk segment on YouTube courtesy of Azrael who took a video of the show.

I’m actually a bit surprised with how the whole Plurk segment turned out. They cut out a lot of material. There was supposed to be a presentation about Hazel Danielle Santos, a plurker who goes by the username harley_quinn and was given infinite karma after meeting a fatal accident. In addition, they could have interviewed the guys behing phPlurk, a free locally-developed SMS-to-Plurk service, or even filmed a plurkfiesta.

Going back to Qtube itself, I think that it will be a favorite show among local bloggers. In the two episodes, several bloggers have already been featured such as Anton, Kring, Peter Juan, and Abe (though Kring and Peter Juan were shown not because of their blogging). Anton and Abe were featured as part of the show’s Blogger’s Digest segment. In tomorrow’s episode, Qtube will be showing a blog event and Carl Ocab will take the Blogger’s Digest hot seat.

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