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For once I am not tripping on a Paul van Dyk song, although I still have a crush on that last one. The song that I can’t get out of my head right now is Solu Music’s “Fade” featuring KimBlee on vocals. Like many dance/electronica songs I like, I encountered this song from diverse places before I finally learn enough about it for it to actually become a favorite.

I first came upon this song as the opening track of Anton Ramos’ The Chillout Project: House Sessions (the first one), which I bought several weeks ago (if you’re interested, I have reviewed the second session). The song didn’t register much with me since the Earth Mix version used in the album didn’t have any vocals, but it did have those real cool twangy sounds found in the chorus.

Then I read about it from this blogger’s post* three weeks ago. She was asking the readers to guess what are 20 of her favorite songs given the artists. One reader correctly guessed that her favorite song by Solu Music was “Fade.” And if you’re wondering, yes, I’m the Eugene that shamelessly guessed some of her other songs.

Finally, while listening to On the Decks on 99.5 RT last Saturday night, I heard a very ear-catching song. It sounded vaguely familiar so I listened hard and caught snatches of the lyrics, which I wrote down for later Googling (e.g., “hesitate,” “never fade,” “you give me life,” “always there,” “when I close my eyes”).

Google, like always, brought me the correct song which turned out to be one that I’ve encountered twice before.

Now I know why that blogger likes that song so much. It’s very LSS-worthy—not too hard and not too cheesy. I’ve been humming/whistling it in the office last Friday. The song is also a very good chillout-yet-dancable track perfect for playing during a beach party in Boracay (not that I’ve actually been to a beach party in Boracay… <sniff>).

* I came upon her blog since I was looking for the title and artist of a song I caught being aired in the gym, which turned out to be “In Praise of the Sun” by Chicane.

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