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I really have a crush on Paul van Dyk’s song “Crush.” It’s now officially my second most favorite song of PvD next to “Nothing But You” (and its various remixes).

The song’s not as ethereal as “Nothing But You” but its impact on me is like a shot of ecstacy that leaves you wanting more. (Not that I have tried e… okay, bad analogy.) The song is, like many other trance songs, mainly instrumental, but it has snatches of lyrics here and there: “tell me you want me,” “’cause I’ll be back soon,” “i know you want me.” The best part has to be the bridge, it’ll blow you away.

Shoutout goes to my good friend Joyce who bought me the first part of PvD’s single “Forbidden Fruit” on CD. It’s “really old-school trance/rave,” as she has said. Well, the single was released way back in 1997, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s only recently that I’ve explored trance music, so nothing is old-school.  :)

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