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Update (June 28): I finally bought one!

Update (March 15, 2009): And I finally blogged about it.

Even though I already have a desktop and a laptop, I can’t help but want the ASUS Eee PC. Several bloggers such as Juned, Ade, and J. Angelo have already bought it, and a majority of the reviewers I’ve read say they love it. J. Angelo, with some content from Ade, has already launched his ASUS Eee blog, there’s a local unofficial EEE Philippine Users Group already, and there’s also a global gadget blog dedicated to this tiny notebook and its niche even before it came out in the market.

Now why don’t I buy the ASUS Eee already if I really want it? The answer is simply because I don’t have money. To be more precise, it won’t fit in my immediate budget since I have already earmarked my money for two large cash outs this January (like my life insurance annual payment). But rest assured that I’ll probably buy this beauty in February or March.

As I said, I already own two personal computers, but my wanting the ASUS Eee PC is definitely not some sort of impulse buying (unlike Ade’s). I’m a real pragmatic buyer and I see the ASUS Eee PC as an investment. (No, I won’t use it as a chick-magnet.  :) ) There are a lot of times where I find myself waiting for one thing or another and with nothing to occupy myself with, so this sub-notebook’s ultra mobile profile will definitely fill my unproductive pockets of time. I refrained from getting the notebook when it first came out here because I wanted others to try it out first. So when I got to play around a bit with Juned’s Mister E last November 30 and to read reviews and experiences of local bloggers with their new machines, I decided that I will get one of my own. It’s now a question of “when,” not “if.”

The question now is, should I get one as soon as I can or should I wait for the 8.9″? The only thing I dislike about the ASUS Eee PC is its small 800x480 screen resolution. But it’s not a deal breaker for me—I’d still get one regardless.  :D

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On 5:27 p.m., 10 Jan 2008, Juned wrote:

Markku bought THREE EEEs. When you buy yours buy the white one  :)


On 8:32 a.m., 11 Jan 2008, Arbet wrote:

Even if the screen is 8.9”, the max resolution remains at 800x400. So I guess it is no use waiting for the 8.9” variant. I just don’t know about the 10” variant.  =P


On 9:31 a.m., 11 Jan 2008, Joni wrote:

I know what you mean! Part of me also wants to get one of those Asus Eee. My laptop is too heavy to lug around. Tsss.

But, like you, it also doesn’t fit into my budget, sooo.. I’d just have forget about it. hehe


On 10:21 a.m., 12 Jan 2008, MiGs wrote:

Why not buy other UMPC’s


There are cheap ones out there.. cheaper than the eee pc.



On 9:51 p.m., 13 Jan 2008, seav wrote:

@Juned, why the white one?

@Arbet, that I didn’t know. In that case, I’ll just buy the 7″ one.  :)

@Joni, don’t resist the temptation! Think of it as an investment!

@Migs, but the Eee is already cheap! Yet that HTC Shift you pointed in your blog is mighty interesting. I’ll check it out some more.  :)


On 12:36 p.m., 14 Jan 2008, joyjoy wrote:

why not the white one?! at least when i come home, shiro will have a white companion!!! XD


On 8:21 p.m., 14 Jan 2008, Ade wrote:

Don’t get the white one. It’s too much work to keep it clean.


On 10:46 p.m., 21 Jan 2008, Blue August wrote:

Not wishing to sound offensive to some folks out there, I think the white Eee has a very feminine look…


On 1:08 p.m., 24 Jan 2008, seav wrote:

I’ve seen both the white and black and I very much prefer the black.  :)

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