Shai Coggins, ASUS Eee PC, and an Interview

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I arrived terribly late at the Blogger Meet and Greet because I had an important errand to do in Manila, yet I didn’t really miss much and I had a really great time. I finally got to meet Shai Coggins, the b5media Vice President for Community and the special guest of honor of this event. (This brings to three the total number of siblings of the Manuel clan that I have met.)  :-)

The event was held at Kape Isla at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig and besides meeting Shai, bloggers also got to play around with Juned’s drool-worthy ASUS Eee PC. I also had an impromptu interview by Azrael Coladilla for my Blogenyo webcomic.

I’ve got more pictures over at Flickr.

Blogger roll call. Met again: Sasha, Rico, Jayvee, Juned, Noemi, Marc, Sharm, Mike, Karla, and Ely. Finally met: Shai (of course) and Ajay. Acquainted for the first time: Azrael, Renzie, Rico, and Carlos. Did I miss anyone?

Fiddling with the ASUS Eee PC

Jayvee was the first to blog about Juned’s new baby and I was quite excited to see it in action during the meet up. It’s so small and cute! I’m so tempted to buy one for Christmas. (Must. Resist. Temptation.) Even my sister got really interested in it when she saw it at Eastwood.

I’ve been quite interested with this ultra-portable laptop ever since I read about it from Abe’s blog five months ago. Well, the price is much more expensive than the initial estimate but at 16,000 pesos, this is still very much affordable. If I only had such a disposable income I would’ve probably bought one already. Even though I already have a desktop and a full-sized laptop, I can definitely find lots of uses for this baby.  :)

For one thing, it’s a perfect trip companion since its built-in Wi-Fi lets you surf on the go. Its possibilities for live surfing and blogging is great as attested by Rico when he live blogged about the laptop using the laptop itself. And its compact size, light weight, and cheap price more than compensates for its lack of computing power. Noemi likes it because it can fit in her handbag and there would be no more need to bring a separate laptop bag.

The screenshot below is of a video I uploaded to YouTube of Rico viewing a YouTube video using the ASUS Eee PC. (Now someone should take a video of my video to continue the self-referential YouTube madness. Hehehe.  ;-))


Getting Myself Interviewed

I didn’t expect to get interviewed by Azrael, who runs the Komiks News Now Philippines blog. Upon learning that I was at the party, he took the opportunity to give me a quick Q&A about my Blogenyo webcomic, which I just launched the other Sunday.

The interview was done live and streamed and a video was uploaded to YouTube. I know that I speak quite quickly but I never realized that I spoke that way! Sometimes I eat my words and I often clip them. I think I need to take speaking exercises. Hehehe.  :D

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