You Got Tech Faces and Lose Your Beer Belly Video

11:39 pm PHT

As a sort-of teaser to my “much anticipated” coverage of iBlog4 and the Bloggers’ Night, I have revealed the faces behind ten of the You Got Tech bloggers and I have also posted on YouTube a video I took of Lose Your Beer Belly.

 You Got Tech bloggers in a group picture matched to their eye mugshots on the blog.

Aileen’s pet group blog project, You Got Tech (yes, the phonetic similarity to a popular local blog is deliberate), has this tantalizing header consisting of the eye mugshots of their bloggers. It’s easy to recognize some of them but for your convenience, the diagram above shows the bloggers in their first ever group picture (four of the bloggers in the picture are based in Davao), after yesterday’s iBlog4, matched to their eye mugshots. From left to right (group picture) they are: Coy, Markku, Juned, Andrew, Aileen, Jay, Winston, Ria (she doesn’t seem to have an eye mugshot), Migs, and Janette. Not in the group picture are Benj, Jun and Honey.

 Screenshot of a video of Lose Your Beer Belly’s performing “You’re a God.”

I took a video of Ade’s band, Lose Your Beer Belly (LYBB) performing Vertical Horizon’s You’re a God at the Bloggers’ Night. (The screenshot above links to the video’s YouTube page.) Sadly, I only caught the last chorus of the song (and pardon the lighting; the place was dimly lit). Their gig last night was also the first time Lauren got to jam with LLYB. Now I’m not a band connoisseur but I thought they were pretty good and their original songs are very nice.  :)

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On 1:32 a.m., 28 Apr 2008, Ade wrote:

Hey thanks for posting the video!:)


On 1:40 a.m., 28 Apr 2008, Ria Jose wrote:

I’m new to YGT. And I haven’t even contributed anything yet. Hehe!

Happy blogging!  :)


On 11:33 a.m., 28 Apr 2008, mae wrote:

Looks like it was really fun, sayang di ako nakapunta hehe


On 9:58 p.m., 28 Apr 2008, andrew wrote:

Hi Eugene, thanks! I feel like a schmuck for not realizing who you were right away. I blame my poor eyesight.  :|


On 12:27 a.m., 29 Apr 2008, Aileen Apolo wrote:

Wow!!! Thanks for the mention, sayang di kami complete  :p


On 1:02 a.m., 29 Apr 2008, MiGs wrote:

hey Eugene..

Thanks thanks!


On 1:15 p.m., 30 Apr 2008, markku wrote:

I want a new headshot! Hehehe.


On 3:42 p.m., 3 May 2008, seav wrote:

@Ade, you’re welcome!

@Ria, go and contribute! Try to be the blogger contributing to the most blogs. Hehehe.

@Mae, there’s always a next time. There are a lot of blogger events this year.

@Andrew, it’s ok. I like being inconspicuous. That way, I can take sneaky shots like these. Hehehe.

@Aileen, but the picture is a good start. It’s hard to have Benj, who’s in the States, over here.

@MiGs, you’re welcome!

@Markku, the semikal one?  ;-)

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