What’s the Common Thing?

12:19 pm PHT

Hmmm, let’s try something new on this blog. Shown below are five stanzas and your job is to try to discern what is the common thing among them. There are many true answers like, “these stanzas all have the letter e” or “these stanzas are all in English”, but the correct answer I am looking for is far less mundane.

My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I walk alone

I don’t ever wanna feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way

Forgot to tell you I am sorry
Never had the time to lie
And now it’s like a sad old story
Why do lovers always cry
I never had the time to worry
I never had the time to try
Now you say its over

She’s got me spendin’
Oh, spendin’ all your money on me
And spending time on me
She’s got me spendin’
Oh, spendin’ all your money on me
Up on me, on me

How long till my soul gets it right
Can any human being ever reach that kind of light
I call on the resting soul of Galileo
King of night vision, king of insight

Place your answers in the comments and put your contact info in the e-mail field (it can be an e-mail address you check often or your mobile number). Don’t worry, the e-mail field info is never displayed. You are allowed up to three guesses, so make your entries count! I won’t say if your answer is wrong and I won’t give clues; I will just update this entry to announce the winner.

Is there a prize? Yes there is! But, no, I’m not giving away an iPod Shuffle, but I will treat the clever winner to dinner or lunch. This implies, of course, that the winner should be in the Philippines in order to claim the prize.  =) The contact information you submit will be used to arrange the treat-out, if you’re the winner.

P.S. I have no idea if this mini-contest is easy or not. I get the feeling that many people won’t get it immediately and that some people will stumble onto the correct answer in a very short time. So let’s treat this as an experiment and see. And good luck!  =D

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