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What a hilarious movie! Waiting… is maybe the funniest movie I have seen this year (Hitch and Meet the Fockers are the other finalists). While bereft of any semblance of a coherent plot, it was just perfect the way it is. My younger sister was disgusted by it and totally despises it, but I just love its toilet humor and how the film doesn’t take itself seriously. Seriously good fun, folks.

The movie is what I call a slice-of-life film about a day in the life of the staff of a TGIF-like restaurant called Shenaniganz. You get to see the antics, games, and problems that face waiters, cooks, busboys and management in the food service industry. And based on viewer comments I’ve read, the film provides quite an accurate portrayal of their lives, though a little bit exagerrated.

Some people might be so disturbed by the film that they may never think about eating in a restaurant again. I say, bah! Just remember the cardinal rule: Don’t mess with the people who serve your food. Also, unless he or she is a real “biotch,” the Filipino diner is assured that waiters and cooks won’t mess with his or her food in this country. (Food is considered “sacred” here unlike in the land-o-plenty States.)

Anyway, Ryan Reynolds, as Monty, is the big star here. The other cast also have their grand moments and no one seems to be left out of the spotlight. The acting is great and you really feel as if they did work in a restaurant for a living. (Ryan Reynolds handled six dishes like a pro.)

If you want mindless entertainment, then go watch this movie!

P.S. If you loved the PC game The Incredible Machine, then don’t leave the theater until the end of the credits.  =)

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