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I have to say that with the release of Up, Pixar shows that it still has the magic of turning good family stories into full-blown CGI masterpieces. Also, I think that Up is Pixar’s best film to date. It has a lot more heart in it than Monsters, Inc., action that can almost rival The Incredibles, and lovable characters like in WALL-E and Finding Nemo.

What I liked best about Up is the exposition intro establishing the love story between Carl and Ellie. It was a really poignant part of the film and, in my opinion, what pushed Up to be the best Pixar film to date for me. The succeeding parts of the film are filled with laughter, action, and touching moments that one expects from Pixar.

The usual animated short that precedes most Pixar films was Partly Cloudy for Up and this was a riot, and also has heart. Though not as funny as Lifted, it’s still a good watch.

I managed to watch the Disney Digital 3D version of Up in Greenbelt 3 and I must say that the 300-peso ticket is just a bit too steep. It’s a good thing that the film (and the attached 3D trailers and short film) was that good or I’d have preferred to see it in plain 2D at a much affordable price.

My friend and I had fun debating and analyzing the mechanics of the supplied 3D glasses. I guessed that the mechanism involved linearly-polarized filters but he insisted it wasn’t because it didn’t filter cellphone LCD light which is linearly polarized. It turns out that actual mechanism is via circularly-polarized filters. This explains why I did not observed any darkening of the screen when I tilted my head.  :-D

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