Two Years Na!

12:02 pm PHT

This blog, that is. Reminisce the first post as well as the first anniversary post. That’s 198 posts and how many tens of thousands of words.

Expect several subtle changes around here as I try to upgrade my blog and add more nifty features. And oh, if you’re a loyal reader (e.g., you have subscribed my feed somewhere), I would appreciate a comment or two just to let me know you exist. Thanks!  =)

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On 8:09 a.m., 21 Jun 2006, seav wrote:

Sniff… wala pala akong loyal readers.  =/


On 12:34 p.m., 21 Jun 2006, TheCoffee wrote:

I’m here.  :p


On 8:59 p.m., 21 Jun 2006, seav wrote:

hehehe, thanks  =)

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