Creating Traffic Lights from C2 Bottle Caps

3:16 pm PHT

 Traffic lights created using C2 bottle caps

I often buy C2 bottled iced tea for lunch and I had the brilliant idea to make traffic lights out of the bottle caps of the apple, lemon, and green tea variants. Using some extra cardboard I had lying around in the office, copious amounts of glue, a sheet of white scratch paper, and a felt-tip black marker, I created this cute model traffic lights. It has certainly become a minor hit in the office with my colleagues that have seen it.

I used to do paper crafts when I was younger, having been exposed to origami at an early age. In fact, some of the best Christmas presents I gave were the personalized boxes I made for my friends in high school. These boxes look like normal boxes from the outside but when opened, reveal compartments in the shape of the receiver’s nickname’s initial. I can’t remember the last time I did such handicrafts and so the traffic lights was an excellent mini-project to do to prove to myself that I still know how to craft real stuff instead of creating virtual and online pieces.

I still am not sure yet what more to do with the traffic lights, but one often suggested addition are actual lights. If I have time, I might probably fashion a small electronic mechanism with white LEDs to make the traffic lights functional. Whether or not I do that, I definitely intend to look around for a narrow aluminum pipe so that I can mount the lights on a pole.  :-D

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