Tokyo Train History Map

12:12 pm PHT

On an infographic whim, I decided to create a map showing the train lines and stations I visited during my last two trips to Japan. Follow the thumbnail link above to see the full-size version.

The train lines and train stations are indicated in red and blue, representing my two trips. Where these overlap, a dark purple is observed. Furthermore, the train stations are indicated by either a hollow or a solid circle: solid circles indicate stations which I entered or left while hollow circles represent the transfer stations.

Because of the distance, I did not show anymore the Ōfuna and Narita stations. If you still recall, the travel to Ōfuna was a big blooper.  :D

Update, Dec 27: I’ve updated the map and added kanji labels. Using the built-in Windows Japanese IME is so much fun.  :D

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On 11:03 p.m., 2 Jan 2007, Miguel wrote:

Nice… more map content!

Tag! Please answer the five secrets disclosure meme.… Thanks!

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