Tiësto vs. Hed Kandi

1:26 pm PHT

I wonder why the fates have decided to put these two electronic music events on the same day. Electronic music is not a particularly big thing here in the Philippines and people have been agonizing over which event to go to on March 31. (I’m told that the bigwigs at Bigfish, the organizers of the Hed Kandi event, are furious.) Then again, some people might decide to go event-hopping since the two parties will be held within 400 meters of each other.

Personally, while Hed Kandi is undoubtedly more popular locally, I think I’d rather go to Tiësto. As some friends have said, there are always several Hed Kandi events every year, but this is the first time Tiësto will come to the rest of Asia and the first time Filipinos will see why Tiësto has been voted by the worldwide public in DJ Magazine’s survey as the best DJ three times in a row (from 2002 to 2004).

The ticket’s expensive, though; it’ll set you back a thousand pesos. I’m hoping a friend of mine can get discounted tickets or passes.  =)

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