The Notebook

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Yes, another movie reaction. I’ve taken to watching movies as a form of conventional off-work activity. I’ve seen this movie last September 18. Good thing I had someone to watch it with or I’d be too embarrased to walk in and watch the movie alone.

I expected the movie to be cheesy and mushy. It is.

I expected that I won’t cry like I did with A Walk to Remember. I failed.

Damn Nicholas Sparks for writing these stories and damn the movie producers for producing these films!

Oh well. I actually couldn’t see why I cried in A Walk to Remember. It’s so cheesy and there’s the Mandy-Moore-factor that should’ve prevented me from taking the movie seriously. Maybe it’s the great soundtrack. Maybe it’s because the story is that good. Or maybe it’s because there’s the hapless romantic inside of me. One other movie I can remember that moved me to tears was I am Sam. Now that is touching.

But enough of remembering walking. I liked The Notebook better. (Warning: subtle spoilers ahead!) The story is what was so good about the movie. I enjoyed the story of Noah and Allie. But what really opened the tearducts was the story of Duke and Allie (Noah and Allie in their retirement years). I don’t know, maybe there’s a romantic side of me wishing that there would be someone I’d love for the rest of my life. I cried at the part when Allie regained her memory; that scene was so explosive. And the final scene was touching to say the least.

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