That was Incredible!

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Obviously, I’m talking about Disney-Pixar’s new film, The Incredibles. The movie was incredibly fun. And I have yet to see an overtly negative review of the film anywhere. It’s just that good. Way better than Shrek 2 (probably much, much better than Sharktale, which I haven’t seen). This film will definitely be in my top five films this year.

What makes the movie amazing is the very solid plot and the intellectual themes. As many have commented, this is not a kid’s movie; much of the details of the movie would definitely be lost on the kids. But I’m sure the kids will enjoy it too. And Jack-Jack, the baby Incredible, will give Puss in Boots a run for his money.

The CG is amazing! Watch this film if just for the jungle scenes and their treatment of water and fire. And the hair! Gorgeous hair! What’s interesting about the film is that the special effects is just a vehicle for the story, not it’s main feature. You completely enjoy the movie without noticing the 3-D animation too much. It just works.

I think I’ll go watch this movie again. I barely saw the short 3-D film featured before the movie. And people have been raving about the trailer for the third episode of Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith.

Really incredible!

Update: Okay, a little bit more web browsing and I find people who did not like the movie at all. What is it with these people? How can you not enjoy this movie? One person said that it was too predictable, has been done before, boring, and too long. Duh! Then don’t watch movies anymore! I’m guessing these are the people who are jaded with life. Poor them.

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