Somebody Actually Got a Tattoo of My Phi Logo

6:22 pm PHT

I blogged in 2008 that if ever I would get a permanent tattoo, I would get something like the one pictured above. This is a stylized Greek letter phi which represents the golden ratio. The golden ratio is my favorite number by far and I just love how it is crops up in so many places and how it provides a nice blend of mathematics and art. I love it so much that I made that logo for my amateur QuickBASIC software “company”.

Late last year, Judd commented on my tattoo blog post wanting to know who did that logo. I told him that I’m the designer and Judd mentioned that somebody actually went and got a tattoo of my phi logo.

I’m quite flattered that someone thinks that my phi logo is good enough to be immortalized as a tattoo design. Do you think that I should charge him royalties?  :-P

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On 1:58 a.m., 11 Feb 2011, Iggdawg wrote:

I’m that guy. I did a bunch of internet digging for something. took a long while actually. this design was the only one that jumped out at me. It’s mad nerdy without looking it, and has the benefit of not looking like a greek letter at a glance (which removes me from the “insufferable d-bag” group). When I found it it was linked through a few pages. I remember trying to find any information on the original artist but it wasnt immediately obvious that it was you. I suppose I could have shot off an email, but when I found this image it ended up being a bit of an impulse thing. I’ll definitely edit my post from way back when to give credit your way.

My degree is in physics and I’m a network security engineer. I wanted a tattoo that related to my roots since I’m a bit estranged from my intended career path. I love what I do now, but I figured a little tribute to my past was in order.

Since it isn’t immediately obvious what it is, I get questions a lot. The #1 guess is “Is that The Incredibles logo?”. My favorite thing to tell people is that it’s a martini olive. I always end up telling the story, but I like to mess with them first.


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