Rally Fatigue

12:47 am PHT

Yes, I’ll admit that I’m having rally fatigue. So, unless our dear Madame President did some really egregious blunder that threatens to stabilize everything we Filipinos have struggled for (the ZTE mess doesn’t), you won’t see me marching up the streets and cheering Cory and Erap (a mightily strange tandem, I must say) and asking for GMA’s resignation.

Yes, I believe that there was some chicanery involved in the ZTE-NBN deal. Yes, I’m really, really, extremely indignant that my taxes would’ve been used to pay $130 million in kickbacks. Yes, I don’t think Gloria is as clean as she pretends to be. But no, I simply won’t join any rallies.

(I participated in EDSA Dos and it was exhilarating. But in retrospect, I’m really not so sure anymore that it was the best course.)

I won’t write any more on the topic but I’ll point you readers instead to the best blog post I’ve read regarding this whole mess. Please see “Chaos as usual”. I’m sorely tempted to quote some passages to emphasize some points but it will spoil that post’s introduction. Read it to gain some perspective.

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On 11:13 p.m., 7 Mar 2008, Mike wrote:

Hey, thanks! This will boost my visitor count and my ego. Nice use of “chicanery”.  :p


On 1:18 a.m., 10 Mar 2008, seav wrote:

@Mike, I’m just amazed you remember the old rallies at all. I wouldn’t really have thought about using that time to portray how silly the current rallies are.  :)


On 10:10 p.m., 17 Mar 2008, SEOcontest2008 wrote:

same here buddy… though I have a post regarding that frigging ZTE deal in my blog too… arrgh!

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