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After the Google Toolbar PageRank kerfuffle last week in which a lot of high-profile sites and blogs got demoted a rank or two, it seems everything is back to normal and the ranks are back to what is mostly expected by people. The mass-demotion last week was the talk of the international blogosphere and whether the temporary drop was just an update glitch or a slap on the wrist by Google to the sites that game the PageRank system (PR) is still a question to be answered since Google is keeping mum. A lot of theories are being thrown around and the mainstream conclusion is that the visible PageRank value (i.e., the Toolbar PageRank number) should not used as a sole criterion for a website’s worth. This whole brouhaha is quite a big thing since there is quite a big Internet sub-economy built around the concept of PR (with sites like Text Link Ads and Pay Per Post).

Anyway, during the “glitch” stage last week, all three of my active sites—this blog, Lakbayan, and Vista Pinas—had their respective PRs unchanged: PR4, PR0, PR0. (Since the latter two sites were new, their zero rankings were expected.) After the “glitch” stage, the three sites all now have a PageRank of 4. I was expecting vaes9 to go back up to PR5 (it had that rank before the April 2007 update), but it stayed the same. I don’t mind it that much since PR4 is quite a respectable and average value for a quality-content site. Hehehe.

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On 6:12 p.m., 30 Oct 2007, mae wrote:

good for you! mine is steadily dropping eh haha  :P


On 9:39 a.m., 1 Nov 2007, Janette Toral wrote:

It seems PR3 is gaining respectability as well as some advertisers have indicated such as minimum for their ads to be placed.


On 10:18 p.m., 5 Nov 2007, DJB Rizalist wrote:

Seems like over the years the time it takes the Google Dance to finish has been getting longer and longer, which sorta stands to reason, even from what little people know about how it works. as the number of sites grows, the problem has to get worse. maybe last week’s “kerfuffle” which I wasn’t even aware of is just google getting out of the chair and putting on the boots, like at a good ole square dance. Skip to the loo mah dahlin! thanks for the heads up. i love it. it’s like watching a rattler molting, hehe.


On 4:56 p.m., 7 Nov 2007, seav wrote:

@mae, ok lang yan. A blog’s success is not measured by its PageRank. But you know that already.  ;)

@Janette, that’s good for the people who want to sell adspace. Probably a bit bad for Google. Hehe.

@DJB, if Google we’re serious about their anti-paid-links stance, then they should stop publishing the Toolbar PageRank value. That’ll whack the paid-links economy a big whack on the head.


On 10:12 p.m., 7 Nov 2007, benj wrote:

I’m not feeling too optimistic about this update. Hopefully, I get to PR 5, but it’s going to be very unlikely.


On 6:58 a.m., 11 Nov 2007, seav wrote:

@Benj, well, you seem to stay put at PR4. That’s not bad; at least you didn’t slip places like what others have experienced.

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