Photolog: Sunset by the Bay

5:39 pm PHT

I love sunsets, but it’s quite rare that I get to see one set in a beautiful location. I usually get off at work when it’s already nighttime and weekends are usually spent at home where the setting sun is blocked by residential homes. So it was quite a treat that I was at BoNa Coffee at San Miguel by the Bay (not at the branch in Westgate Alabang) last Monday and caught the sunset reflecting down Manila Bay.

There were plenty of people at the esplanade and by the time the sun’s disc was touching the mountains of Bataan, people started crowding along the breakwater and bringing out their cameras to capture the sight. I tried to shoot the moment myself but since I only had a mediocre camera phone at hand that could not zoom, the sun appeared too small in the frame. So I opted to show the photo above which was about 30 minutes before the sun set.

Happy Easter everyone!

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