Adding Parking Aisles in OpenStreetMap

8:31 pm PHT

As far as I know, aside from OpenStreetMap, there is no other online mapping service that would extensively show parking aisles in parking lots. (You know, those lanes where you drive around hoping to catch an empty parking spot?) In OSM, parking aisles (tagged in the OSM database as “service=parking_aisle”) are simply specialized types of service roads ("highway=service”). So I’ve been quite crazy the past several weeks adding parking aisles to some parking lots. See the results below showing SM Southmall and Alabang Town Center with parking aisles in their parking lots marked.


I’m sure that some would find such trivialities quite useless but hey, anyone can add almost any level of detail to OpenStreetMap if one deems it useful. Some people even suggest to mark out all the individual stores inside shopping centers (and then adding opening hours and telephone numbers) but that’s one line I’m not willing to cross because it makes the data a maintenance nightmare. At least parking aisles don’t change as much and make for pretty-looking maps!  :-P

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