OpenStreetMap Tagaytay Mapping Party on May 16!

12:59 am PHT

In OpenStreeMap, a Mapping Party is “where a group of OpenStreetMappers and novices descend on an area to map it exhaustively, usually over a weekend.” Well, the OSM Philippines community will be having its very first Mapping Party and the area we chose is the picturesque City of Tagaytay. Shown below is how Tagaytay currently looks like in OpenStreetMap (the data is overlaid on top of SRTM3 terrain data).

 OSM map of Tagaytay as of May 10, 2009

Several people have already committed to going and we certainly would welcome OSM newbies to join the fun! The event will be on May 16 (that’s this coming Saturday) and planning is currently underway. If you’re interested, just join the OSM talk-ph mailing list and send an e-mail to the group indicating your interest to join. More information can be found at the OSM Wiki.  :-D

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