OpenStreetMap Philippines: Hello World!

11:44 pm PHT

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m involved in two non-profit organizations and that I’ve blogged about one of them already: Wikimedia Philippines. Well, the second one is OpenStreetMap Philippines. If you’ve been following my blog for quite a while, you should know that I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the OpenStreetMap project. So I’m extremely pleased that we now have a local organization that can help with promoting OSM here in the Philippines.  :-D

Shown to the right is the Certification of Incorporation issued by the SEC. On it is OSM-PH Inc.’s birthday: May 28, 2010. However, we only got the documents last week on June 10. In addition, I am the designated initial President. Hehehe.

OpenStreetMap Philippines Inc. was formed in order for the local OSM community to have a legal organization that can engage with other entities like government agencies and local government units, mass media, educational institutions, NGOs, and the like. Having an organization is much better since it lends more credence to our project than if individual people talk to them.

So are you interested? Well, we the incorporators still need to deal with post-incorporation tasks so the org is definitely not operational yet and cannot admit more members for now. But rest assured that you’ll hear more about the organization on this space.  :-)

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