Philippine OpenStreetMap Maps now in Flickr!

7:46 pm PHT

Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo!, is probably the most popular photo-sharing site on the Web. Flickr has support for geotagged photos and the site can display maps of photos using Yahoo! Maps. Unfortunately for many parts of the world, the Yahoo! map is quite lacking. To alleviate this problem, the Flickr team decided to use OpenStreetMap for the Beijing Olympics and also for last year’s Burning Man festival.

Spurred by this use of OSM, OpenStreetMapper Maning Sambale urged the Flickr team to add OpenStreetMap for selected areas in the Philippines and his request was granted!  :-D

Now you can see your Flickr photos on OSM maps of central Metro Manila, downtown Davao City, and downtown Cebu City. You can read more from Maning’s blog post. The switching between Yahoo! Maps and OpenStreetMap is a little bit wonky but hopefully we can urge Flickr to expand the coverage even more.

By the way, go and visit my Flickr photostream and add me as a friend if you want.  :-)

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