OSM 2008: A Year of Edits

4:06 pm PHT

 Frame of the OSM 2008 video showing the Asia-Pacific area.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been an interesting 2008 for me and one of the online projects that I’ve been quite active in is OpenStreetMap (see my blog posts on this topic). To follow up on my post about 2008 in crowdsourced map making, check out this cool animated video showing the yearlong 2008 activity in the OpenStreetMap project. A frame of the video showing the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region is shown above.

This animation was created by ITO World Ltd., a “UK company providing web-based services for transport professionals and transport users”. This company was the one that created the static map I showed in my previous post. After ITO rendered that static map, they went ahead and created this beautiful video showing accelerated mapping all over the world.

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