“Once in a Lifetime”

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My current song of the week is Freestyle’s “Once in a Lifetime”, coming from the recently released album of the same name. I don’t know but I have fallen in love with this song. The lyrics are great, the melody is oh so wonderful, and I feel as if the singer is pouring his heart out into it. I wish I could relate to the message of the song. So far I haven’t found “the one” that comes once in a lifetime (if ever there is such a person). Nevertheless, it does not detract from my appreciation of the song.

I like the song so much that I keep humming and whistling it in the office. I requested for it quite a number of times at Jam 88.3 and finally, they featured it on their “War at 4” segment, versus Emm Gryner’s “Symphonic”. Freestyle won 18 votes to 14. I’m glad because I personally didn’t like Emm’s song, though it is not bad.

Since Freestyle released their album just last September, there is unfortunately a dearth of information about the album and the song. The only couple of references I can find at the moment are in a fan site and the online edition of a newspaper. The lyrics posted on the fan site seems wrong, even.

Here’s an excerpt from the song’s refrain and chorus:

Oh I’ve heard it all before
Finding so-called love
Then you leave it behind
But now I feel more sure
I listen to my heart this time
So I lay it on the line

I know that what I’ve found
Is once in a lifetime
And I know there’s no way out
’Cause it’s once in a lifetime

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