Not So Sick

11:01 pm PHT

I’ve been on leave from the office for the past two days due to some unknown viral disease. Thankfully it’s not dengue fever which requires a hospital stay. I’ve succumbed to dengue before and it’s not fun having your blood extracted every 6 hours so that the doctor can monitor your platelet count.  :(

I could’ve actually gone to the office today but my mom told me to just stay at home and get some more rest. And I’ve done nothing but rest pretty much the past two days.

Sigh. Now I’m dreading the work backlog that’s going to greet me tomorrow. especially now that the project I’m currently in is in the ending phases.

Interestingly, I think this is the second time I ever took a sick leave in my almost three years of employment. I find it surprising that I’m generally healthier these past years than I was during my time in school and in the university. Oh, I still have my controlled asthma and allergic rashes but I haven’t had any serious diseases ever since I started working. I think it’s because I eat much more regularly now because of the regular work times.

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