No Unlimited Text For Me

7:14 pm PHT

I’m so glad I don’t have any Sun unlimited account. I realized that I’d be pretty annoyed by the people who would send me inconsequential texts. For instance, a dormmate of my brother would send him on his Sun account essentially the same message in several texts. Then there are people who would forward stupid messages like in the early GSM days of Smart and Globe.

It seems that I have grown to view SMS as a form of communication similar to e-mail. It’s okay for essential communication and some light chit-chat, but I wouldn’t appreciate forwards, spam, and annoying messages.

While unlimited call and text may be a boon for many people, I feel that unlimited resources tend to devalue the individual pieces. Since I pay for every text that I send to other networks, I tend to be careful in my messages and I then rarely annoy the people I correspond with. You can be sure that practically every text you receive from me is worth your time.

Anyway, for 24/7 Sun users out there, how is your experience on the unlimited call and text zone? Are there regrets or has it been a very positive feature in your life so far?

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