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7:26 pm PHT

I was idly looking through my blog’s stats in Google Webmaster Tools and came upon this list of top search queries that led to my site:

 Screenshot of the top 10 Google web search queries that led to vaes9. #1 is “wikipilipinas” with an average top position of #9. #2 “eugene” (position #12). #3 “craigslist manila” (#3). #4 “jam 88.3” (#8). #5 “google night sky” (#6). #6 “pinoytown” (#8). #7 “villar” (#3). #8 “aishite imasu” (#5). #9 “woot firefox” (#6). #10 “firefox woot” (#1).

Thanks to the links coming from Lakbayan, my web application, I’m, at this moment, on the second page of the results page (SERP) for the Google web search on [eugene] and on the first page (at #4) for [villar].

Given that it’s hard to compete with the city of Eugene, the third largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, I find this a remarkable feat, especially since my blog doesn’t have the word “eugene” in the URL or the web page title (I might correct that latter one, though). Discounting the results pertaining to the city, I’m the #4 Eugene on the web (according to Google).

As for “villar”, I’m the #3 Villar on the web after a location in Switzerland and the current Senate President. Make that #2, since the location in Switzerland is actually named Villars. It’s funny that I also overtook Mike Villar, the self-styled “rising Internet star.” I guess I’m the higher star now, eh, Mikey? (At least for Google searches.)  :-)

How’s that for SEO?

P.S. Unlike in the past, Google’s search results is very dynamic nowadays. Your position, especially for hot topics, may change quite dramatically on a day-to-day basis. In short, this blog post may become really outdated quickly.  :)

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On 12:18 a.m., 17 Sep 2007, Mikey wrote:

HAH! Minor victory Eugene. Try searching for “Pogi Boy 2007” See who comes up on top spot!


On 3:12 p.m., 17 Sep 2007, seav wrote:

Yep, a minor victory. Katuwaan lang. Hehehe. I get a Myspace profile of a 33-year-old guy in the States as the first result for “Pogi Boy 2007.” You’re 33?  :D


On 11:55 p.m., 10 Oct 2007, Rico wrote:

How bout “l33t programmer for life”? jejejejeje


On 10:31 p.m., 11 Oct 2007, seav wrote:

@Rico, how jologs. Hehehe.

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